Ali’s training and teaching philosophy is based upon fostering safe, effective horsemanship from the ground up. Through proper muscle conditioning of the horse and creating a balanced seat and correct position of the rider, she encourages the development and refining of the basics in order to build a strong foundation from which both horse and rider can advance. 

“Ali is always so patient, cares so deeply. The facilities and care are top notch. I cannot imagine this journey for horse or rider without her expertise and support.”

Strong Foundation = Success

Ali tailors her work to both horse and rider. Regardless of discipline, Ali believes in a strong foundation for success.

Full OR Partial Training Options

She offers packages from full training to partial training which involves the rider in his or her horse’s development.

Variety of Disciplines

Having experience in a number of disciplines, from Hunter/Jumper, Dressage and Eventing, Ali can help any athlete, whether their goal is to move up through the levels or to fine-tune their skills.

Individualized Training

Because no horse (or person!) is the same, each training package is completely individualized to fit both horse and rider.

"I started taking lessons at Forward Strides with Ali in 2019. I hadn’t ridden in years and was a bit nervous but that love of riding never goes away once you have it. 
Ali put me at ease immediately. She started out reacquainting me with tacking and grooming safely giving me confidence starting from the ground up. 
Having such a great trainer who explains things so well, puts you at ease , gives you confidence and is there to help you succeed at your pace was just what I needed starting back after a very long time."
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