Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a training barn and a boarding barn?

A boarding barn is typically structured to strictly offer caring for the day to day needs of the horse such as feeding, water, hay, turning in/out, healthcare needs such as medication/bandaging, etc. Many barns will have outside instructors that come in to teach lessons if there is an interest but it’s not required. A training barn offers boarding as well as training/lessons and is often centered around one trainer who may also be the facility manager as well. These facilities typically require that each boarder be in a lesson or training program of some sort. 

What are the benefits of a training barn vs. boarding barn?

All barns run differently, but many boarding barns offer only the basic needs for the horse. Anything outside of that such as vaccinations, farrier, dentist, etc, can be the owner’s responsibility to manage. A training barn is often more individualized because the trainer has more one on one time with the horses. They typically have a team of vets, farriers, nutritionists, dentists, saddle fitters that they have developed a long term relationship with to offer the best services possible to their clients. The trainer will often oversee everything from management, care, training, and lessons which creates a much more organized facility. This allows the clients to put everything in the trainer’s hands and trust that their horse is getting the best possible care and more.

Do you offer group lessons?

No. All lessons are private to provide the best one-on-one experience.

Do you allow outside trainers?

No. All lessons at Forward Strides are with Ali.

What are the general ages of students that you teach?

Ali works with young riders through adults.

Do you offer jumping lessons?

Yes. Ali places a high emphasis on proper flatwork and integrates that into her jumping training.

What kind of shows and programs do you participate in?

Local dressage schooling shows as well as recognized competitions.

What levels do you teach?

Ali enjoys teaching riders of all levels. Foundation work is the key to moving on to the more advanced training.

What kinds of breeds do you train?

Ali enjoys working with all breeds, and specializes in developing the “non-traditional” Dressage breeds.

Breeds Ali has worked with include:

  • Warmbloods
  • Quarter Horses
  • Thoroughbreds
  • Spanish Breeds
  • Draft crosses
  • Arabians/Half Arabs

Do you allow people to haul in for their lessons?

Yes. As long as horses are up to date on coggins and all vaccines I do offer lessons to riders that wish to haul their horses to my facility.

What levels do you train horses to?

While Ali has trained horses to the FEI level, she enjoys working with horses at all capability levels.

Can I lease a horse to ride at your barn for lessons?

Occasionally Ali has horses available for lessons, but in general most lessons are taught to individuals on their own horses.

Have more questions?

Feel free to contact Ali directly by email at or call/text 443-744-3898.

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